The Future Looks Entertaining

The Republican party is cracked, and arguably in danger of fracturing. A recent Politico report suggests a number of delegates to this summer’s Republican convention want to change the convention rules, and thereby snatch the Republican nomination from Donald Trump. If they are successful, the convention would be the most chaotic and compelling Republican event since 1912. However, such a maneuver would also cost Republicans the presidency in 2016. Convention shenanigans might even split the Republican party permanently.

Change is often unsettling, particularly for people who possess power.  A business might go bankrupt, a politician might lose an election, and yesterday’s favorite coach might be turned out. Yet an individual or institution’s inability to accept gradual changes only increases the pain that change will eventually cause.

As discontent over Donald Trump continues to simmer, Republican power-brokers should resolve to rearrange the apple cart. Republican convention delegates in 2020 should be awarded proportionally, and a run-off election should be added to the party’s presidential primary calendar. The aforementioned changes would strengthen the Republican party’s delegate selection process at a time when bruising demographic and cultural changes have made it essential to field a superior presidential candidate every four years.

Unfortunately for party elite, the modern Republican party may not survive another presidential standard bearer who is favored by less than 45% of his or her own party. It is time to get the popcorn bucket: political entertainment is on the horizon.


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