Yazidi Amazons

Conservative pundits and politicians regularly wring their hands about female soldiers fighting on the front lines. But this debate highlights how lucky Americans of every gender, race, creed, and ideology really are. In America most women are safe, but in many parts of Iraq, ISIS treats women in an unthinkable fashion. Now more Iraqi women than ever before are preparing to strike back.

Recently a small unit of Iraqi women have taken up arms against ISIS. Their goal is simple: kill the enemy and extract vengeance for their people. As one woman put it, “even if they kill me, I will say I am a Yazidi.” The patriotism of American women who want to fight along side their male counterparts is laudable. But the willingness of Yazidi women to face the dangers of torture, rape, and death is nothing short of heroic. These brave Yazidi woman will succeed or die trying.

Hollywood has written many speeches for the defiant underdog – Indians fighting for their homes and families, African slaves seeking freedom, and women fighting for their social and political rights. But real life is much more inspiring.

Yazidi women and girls have suffered greatly – they have been tortured, raped, and killed. Soon their sisters will begin to take vengeance, and soon ISIS brutes will be emasculated in ways they can only imagine.


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