Reflections on the Speaker’s Reelection

In politics, as in life, thoughtful reflection enables us to keep events in perspective. These reflections were sparked by commentary about Republican attempts to replace the Speaker of the House.

• Insurgent Republicans and their supporters need to remember that a clear majority of House Republicans want John Boehner to continue as Speaker of the House.

• Regardless of what some Republicans think or say, John Boehner is a monumental improvement over Nancy Pelosi.

• Bitterness in defeat will only limit the ability of disgruntled House
Republicans to bring about positive changes in the United States government.

• If Speaker Boehner is not magnanimous in victory, he will prove to
dispassionate minds that he is not a good leader. Good leaders are firm, fair, and magnanimous.

• Dissatisfied voters and their allies in congress must resist the urge to focus on marginal battles, small losses, and micro victories. Big picture problems (e.g. the national debt) must garner the focus of Republicans in congress.


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