Political Bravery (or the lack thereof)

Today John Boehner won reelection to the post of Speaker of the House because he was simultaneously loved and feared. Speaker Boehner’s reelection is unfortunate because he is not the best person for the job: he supports a larger, more intrusive federal government.

The heart of the matter is this: John Boehner failed to consistently support the principle of a constitutionally limited government. In fact, when it came to one of the most intrusive and unconstitutional government actions in recent memory – NSA spying – Speaker Boehner supported the status quo. This historic failure of judgment should have motivated liberty-oriented Republicans to abandon Mr. Boehner. The Speaker’s other dodgy political actions should have been icing on the cake.

Since political treats and threats allowed John Boehner to retain the title of Speaker, perhaps it is time for unhappy Republican-leaning voters to give additional weight to political bravery in 2016.


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