You didn’t write that

Variety is excellent, consequently libertysquill intends to gradually diversify its content. The focus will remain on political opinion, but notes about personal computing and photography will irregularly appear.

Today, computing is the subject under discussion, specifically Google. About three weeks ago Dedoimedo wrote a thought provoking, albeit linguistically and visually colorful article, about Google’s latest machinations. In short, Dedoimedo shows that Google will not recognize the true ownership of internet content unless the material is linked to a Google+ account.

It is likely the issue of content ownership will eventually lead to the courtroom. For example, if a Hollywood writer uses a quote or scene in a scrip, but only gets permission from the Google verified author (unaware of the original author’s existence), a lawsuit could ensue. Similarly, it is not illogical to think that lobbyists for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter would love to convince US policymakers that search engine or social media registry is an integral part of establishing a person’s legal ownership of internet content. Such a change is unlikely, but not impossible in today’s virtual world.

Thinking people should monitor this situation closely: governments make rash, uninformed decisions almost as regularly as Google earns a dollar.


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