Bedeviled by demographics

There are a plethora of reasons why many Republican candidates will struggle in the near future. The newest reason involves international politics, specifically the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Recently, National Journal contributor Ron Fournier suggested that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be quite concerned about the future of the Gaza Strip conflict. The capstone of Fournier’s rationale was the demographic pattern visible in US public opinion.

… younger Americans are far less likely to say Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip are justified. According to Gallup, these are the percentages of Americans who support the Israeli position, grouped by age: 55 percent of those over 65; 53 percent of those between 50 and 64; 36 percent of those 30-49; and just 25 percent of those 18-29.

The numbers are clear: Republican candidates who unequivocally support Israel will have a tough time explaining their position to many voters under 50. Absent respectable support from voters under 50, Republican candidates will struggle to win marginal senate seats and presidential elections.


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