Memorial Day

Memorial Day isn’t about thanking the men and women who have served their country in the armed forces – instead the purpose is to remember those who never returned from battle. 

Our county’s fallen warriors, some of whom are long gone, have done many laudable things for America and the world. They raised the flag of American independence, and protected our country from early threats; they won the freedom of thousands of slaves, and rescued Europe from a brutal war; they helped the free world defeat the Axis powers, and ensured that millions of South Koreans wouldn’t face the horrors of communism; they valiantly attempted to stave off communist rule in South Vietnam, and liberated Afghanistan and Iraq from oppressive regimes.

 So as you begin your week with a day of caloric over-indulgence, surrounded by friends and family, please remember the service members who didn’t return from far flung regions of the globe. And as you do, remind yourself how fortunate you are to live in a nation that is largely peaceful, comparatively prosperous, and quite free. For without the sacrifices Memorial Day commemorates, all our lives would be poorer indeed. 


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